Video Portfolio

Storytelling Series:
Video production can be expensive and in a non-profit environment with few internal resources and a limited budget Micro-documentaries offered a  package I was able to split with two of our national subsidiaries to highlight their work and mission.  A project spanning several months and three locations resulted in a series of 5 short films highlighting a New Tech Network school in Carrollton, TX and an EDWorks school in Detroit, MI. The New Tech Network videos attracted national coverage. Companies can use this approach to highlight corporate responsibility work and sustainability efforts.
Total budget $10,000.
Project manager: Jeanne Bernish

Detroit Central Collegiate Academy

METSA Academy, an R.L. Turner High School in Carrollton, TX

NOTE: Cindy Arteaga’s story (video and blog post with a follow-up interview) was picked up by The Dallas Morning News and The Huffington Post.