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Blog Posts:

Using a Common Language of Character in the Classroom
Post for the Mayerson Academy blog.

The All Day Impulse Shopping Experience
Post for the CoStrategix blog.

Keeping Good Content Front of Mind
Published in June, 2014 as part of LinkedIn’s new publishing platform promotion.

Three Decades of Indifference
World of Learning blog post.

Advocacy for Gifted Students
Davidson Institute. Reprinted from the Race to the Middle blog.

Measure Twice, Cut Long
Blog series for Bedtime Math.


How to Build a Professional Digital Profile
eBook published May 2012.

Press Releases:

Mayerson Academy Invites Schools to Take the Culture Challenge: 5 to Thrive Begins With Principals and Teacher Leadership

Mayerson Academy, Deer Park Schools Recommended for Ohio Straight A Grant: Building Strong Character to Build Strong Learners